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My sculptures are closed spherical forms of various materials - clay, concrete, styrofoam and paint, steel and copper. They are created by an ancient technique involving the laying on of hands.


Drawing is the most direct and vital of the art forms. It can be powerful, yet questioning; tentative, yet full of conviction.

read knowlton's essay: "How to Draw Wrong"


In the late 70's I took a course in photography as part of a degree program. Immediately I found myself aiming my camera into interior corners, and if they weren't white I painted them white. Then I got an 8x10 camera and continued my work with corners, using the 8x10 negatives to make platinum prints; platinum greatly enhanced the subtle tones and textures of the whites. My goal was to create a transcendent visual experience from an overlooked and ordinary reality.

new work

My new work combines drawing, painting, and photography, as well as printmaking. My subject matter has gone from seeds to bones; from elegant white corners to aged and broken wooden chairs - perhaps a metaphor for life.